Traversing the lands of Skyrim, just like any old Nord.

Day Six: Chasing Stags

Basically, this is a play-through of the PC game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but in a non-linear fashion. I am playing the game as if I was an average Nord, kind of like an NPC (Non Player Character) being thrown into the position of the Dragonborn, and I’m acting and reacting like a normal Nord would.

Yesterday marked the day of my first robbery, as I broke into Lod’s house in my underwear and stole a note for Dengeir and some gold for myself. I also aided in worsening the Jarl’s drinking problem, delivered some ashes to a priest and crafted a bucket load of potions. Successful? I think so!

Sitting at a table with Runil.I wake at 6:30 this morning. I head out of my room and sit at a table with Runil, the priest I delivered the ashes to yesterday. I make small talk with him, munch on a potato, then head over to Dengeir’s house to give him the letter. When I arrive, it appears that his door is locked, and so I sit on the bench outside and wait for an hour until he unlocks it. I head inside and hand him the note. He goes on about Lod making weapons for the imperials, then gives me 250 gold! Wow! That’s a lot of money! I could buy myself a house with this! Or maybe just a sword.

Speaking to Sindig. What a nice guy. :)Having nothing to really do, I walk around a bit until I stumble across Mathies, tending to his farm. I talk to him for a while, and he tells me how a man named Sindig tore apart his daughter and killed her! How horrible! This gives me a quest to ‘Speak to Sindig’. He sounds like a gruesome man that I really wouldn’t want to talk to, but I head towards the prison with no sense of fear!

I discover that Sindig didn’t mean to maul the little girl, but his cursed ring of Hircine randomly turns him into a werewolf! I agree to help him solve this problem of his, and all I have to do is seek out the ‘great beast’, and in turn, track down Hircine and give him the ring. I think I might have to do some killing along the way, but that’s okay, because I’m a mean, green fighting machine! I head out on the road to track down this ‘great beast’.

(There are not many immaculate screenshots of the next few scenarios as everything happened way too fast for little old me!)

Kicking bandit ass.While on the road, I discover a tower, and I decide to casually walk past this tower, not bothering anyone, when out of nowhere a Spriggan casts some weird spell which immediately sends my full health bar down to a quater full! Holy crap! I guzzle some healing potions then land a few blows on the Spriggan, but it barely hurts it at all! This isn’t going to work, so I put the pedal to the metal and run away as fast as I can! I haven’t run far and I don’t even know what direction I’m running in when I run into some bandits! They immediately start flinging arrows at me! They are up high on a bridge, and I sprint straight under the bridge and keep going. I follow a small path up a hill and then I come across a really weird looking stag! It has the quest pointer over it’s head too, so I think I have to kill it! It starts running away, and as it does that, the bandits come out at me! Thankfully they’re actually a bunch of pansies, so I make short work of them, then run after the stag!

I come across a small camp, and the thief in me decides to snoop around. I score some gold and some potions, when out of nowhere, more bandits attack me! I make short work of the first two, but the third one’s arrows must be coated in the fires of Mordor or something! I guzzle some potions, when (yes, again) out of nowhere two imperial guards fling some arrows at the bandit and drop her dead. I call out my thanks, but they just run away. More important business to attend to, I guess. I stand still for a few seconds and think to myself, Self, that was crazy. I think I need to breathe!

Kicking bandit ass, again.This is a game I like to play called 'Stab the Stag'.I breathe for a second, then I run after the stag again. When I come within eyesight of it, it runs away from me! How rude! I chase it, and soon enough, we’re in the ruins of Helgen! I’ve heard rumours about what happened here! Something about a dragon attack or something, I dunno. But alas, it kind of traps itself within the city walls, and eventually I take it down! I skin it and tear off it’s antlers and rip out some meat, and then a ghost of the stag appears! It’s called the Aspect of Hircine. I talk to him and basically, he wants me to kill Sindig. I’m a little bit wary about this at first, but in the end I agree! This guy says he’ll make me his champion! Can you believe that? I could be the champion of a daedric lord! Sa-weeeet! During my fight with the stag, I levelled up. I increase my health to 120 and nab the perk that makes power attacks with one-handed weapons cost 25% less stamina. Now I’m really gonna kick ass.

The beast is in Bloated Man’s Grotto, quite a way from here. It appears to be an even distance between Falkreath and Riverwood. However, it’s 4:30, and there’s no way I’ll make it back to Falkreath before dark, so I decide to head to Riverwood for the night, then set out to Bloated Man’s Grotto in the morning.

I make the trek to Riverwood, and arrive at around 8pm. I head to the Sleeping Giant Inn, and as I walk in, I see Orgnar! And Delphine! I’m so excited to be back! But then my heart drops as I see Sven. This time he’s playing a drum. Thankfully I’m only here for one night. I pay Delphine for my room and head in. I munch on a potato and drink some ale. I really think I need to get some salt and find somewhere to cook all the raw meat I’ve picked up during my travels. But anyway, I chill for a bit, then hit the sack, ready for the hunt tomorrow.

I thought we were over this.


2 responses

  1. Ciax

    really enjoyed reading this one, wondering how you will deal with sinding at such a low level, I had extreme difficulties with him at level 13.

    January 19, 2012 at 8:02 pm

  2. Boruk

    When is the next part coming?

    January 26, 2012 at 12:40 am

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