Traversing the lands of Skyrim, just like any old Nord.

Day Seven: We’re Going on a Werewolf Hunt

Basically, this is a play-through of the PC game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but in a non-linear fashion. I am playing the game as if I was an average Nord, kind of like an NPC (Non Player Character) being thrown into the position of the Dragonborn, and I’m acting and reacting like a normal Nord would.

Yesterday I was nearly savagely mauled by a Spriggan, killed even more bandits (I’m really turning into a regular bandit hunter in these parts) and began a quest for the Daedric lord Hircine in which I have to kill a werewolf. That’s going to be fun. I also stopped in at Riverwood and said hello to my good buddy, Sven. It wasn’t until after I went to sleep that I realised I’m probably not ready to kill a werewolf. But I’m gonna go for it anyway! If worse comes to worse I’ll just run away like the little girl I really am.

We're off to see the werewolf, the wonderful werewolf of Sindig.I rise at 5 and head out to the common room to munch on a potato for breakfast while I glare at Sven. Today is a big day for me! I’m on a werewolf hunt! I buy some bread and two apples from Orgnar for my travels, and consult my map to plot my route. I decide to head north around the mountain and go past Whiterun on my way to Bloated Man’s Grotto. I probably won’t stop in the city, but just walk past it, I have no time to waste! On my travels I come across a deer that decides it wants to be too fast for me to catch and a wolf that was surprisingly easy to kill. Maybe I’m just becoming a professional wolf-slaughterer. I continue on the road and as I pass past Whiterun, I spot a group of people fighting with a giant! I race up to help (considering I’m such a massive unit), but by the time I get there they’ve already killed the giant. One of them named Aela the Huntress gives me a spiel about how a real warrior should have jumped at the opportunity to take on a giant or something. I wasn’t really listening because I was too busy staring at her shapely features. They tell me about a group called the Companions, but I’m on a quest, and so I don’t take heed of much of what they say. I continue on the path to Bloated Man’s Grotto.

Old Orc Ownage!On the way I come across an Old Orc standing over two dead sabre cats. I talk to him and it seems he wants a ‘good death’. Something about pleasing a God or whatever. Basically, he wants me to kill him. Never turning down a challenge, I accept! I engage him in brutal, bloody combat. He is a tough opponent, and we trade blows ruthlessly! I am almost emptied of my health when Boziik pulls a classic badass move and finishes off the orc in true slow-motion fashion! I stare down the body and think to myself, Self if you had trouble killing an old orc, you’re gonna have even more trouble taking down that werewolf. And I begin to freak out.

But alas! A true Nord never shies away from a fight! I chase a deer and take it down for its hide and meat and continue on the path.

NOTE I: In no way did I lower the difficulty a notch in preparation for the battle with Sindig after doing some research and discovering that I was not going to have a chance against him on a high difficulty at a level as low as 5.

NOTE II: The last note is a lie.

This place gives me the creeps.Having a very pleasant, warm conversation with Sindig the Werewolf.I enter Bloated Man’s Grotto, and by now it is quite late. It’s an interesting location. The air seems to be stained with blood and the imaginary cries of women and children echo in my head. I begin to hyperventilate and freak out as I notice a few dead bodies around me and I talk to a man who is just about to die. I salvage a few potions and coins off their dead bodies and continue through the Grotto. Soon enough I am approached by Sindig who gives me the option to either kill him or not. Of course, being the valiant, death-defying Nordic beast that I am, I tell him I’m going to whoop his ass. I chase after him cautiously, looting a few more potions off a few more dead hunters’ bodies, and soon enough, battle is upon me! I realise I’ve never fought a foe quite like Sindig before! I’ve killed wolves, I killed a wizard, I’ve killed enough bandits to start a ‘Bring your bandits to me and I’ll kill them for $19.95 each’ business and I’ve even killed a few rabbits. But I have not yet killed a werewolf. This freaks me out a little, and I think to myself, Could this be it? Is Boziik even strong enough to take down this werewolf, even on a slightly easier difficulty?

Beastly Werewolf Destruction.I whip out my sword and raise my shield. Sindig wastes no time and is right into the offense. He swings his vicious claws at me relentlessly, barely leaving any room for me to get a swing in. Thankfully my shield is doing a pretty good job of absorbing a large portion of the blows, and therefore the damage. But Sindig makes the mistake of leaving me a second for action, and I bash the living daylights out of him with my shield. This staggers him for a second and gives me the time to land a few solid blows with my sword. Within seconds though, he is back on the offense. The power bash strategy worked pretty well last time, but this time I lower my shield, risking some damage and slam down my left mouse button. Boziik rears up and lands a powerful blow on Sindig, sending him staggering again! This gives me a few seconds to land a couple more quick blows on him. The battle continues like this for a long time, and occasionally I am forced to jump back and guzzle a few of my health and stamina potions, but soon enough I land the killer blow! I rear back and slice Sindig straight down the center with my sword! He drops in a heap on the ground! I stop for a second to take everything in. I realise that I’m absolutely covered in what appears to be werewolf and Nord blood. I skin Sindig and have a conversation with Hircine again. He offers his congratulations and his thanks to me for doing his dirty work.

The nicest bed I've slept on yet.Feeling sooo proud of myself, I trudge back to the entrance were I saw a few bedrolls. It’s now 1 o’clock in the morning and Boziik is sleeeeepy. I munch on my baked potatoes and guzzle my wine and lay down for a sleep.

Finally it really hits me. I just killed a werewolf. Not a measly bandit, or a regular wolf. But a huge, hairy, savage-clawed werewolf. This is serious business, guys. Boziik Gein has gotta be the toughest Nord in all of Skyrim. If I can kill a werewolf single-handedly, what’s to stop me from killing giants and mammoths and sabre cats? And hopefully one day… DRAGONS! I rest on these fantasies and sleep until late morning, when I will make the trek back to Falkreath to see what’s going on there.


One response

  1. mark

    dude i hpe your joking iv kiled all of those in reverse order a dragon then a sabre cat then a mamoth then giant then a wolf. even a avampire and a lot more . you suck

    October 14, 2014 at 2:45 am

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