Traversing the lands of Skyrim, just like any old Nord.

Day Nine: A Sword for the Steward

Basically, this is a play-through of the PC game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but in a non-linear fashion. I am playing the game as if I was an average Nord, kind of like an NPC (Non Player Character) being thrown into the position of the Dragonborn, and I’m acting and reacting like a normal Nord would.

Yesterday I embarked on a rather eventful journey to Whiterun. I intended on it taking maybe half the day and me spending the rest at the blacksmith’s, but that didn’t happen. It took me all day to get there and I barely had enough time to beat up the local bard and eat dinner. I’ve decided that in the future, if needed, I will not hesitate to take Bjorlam’s carriage from Whiterun to any of the major holds. It’s not fast travel, as one guy put it, “It’s just like taking the taxi somewhere!”. Totally legit, right?

So... where do these black things go?I rise early on day nine, prepared to take on this blacksmith business. I make small talk with Hulda, the barmaid and she tells me that the Gildergreen had seen better days and that I can talk to Danica about helping restoring its former beauty. I take note and sit down next to the fire and munch on some bread for my breakfast. After my tasty morning feed I head over to the local blacksmith’s. It appears to be run by an imperial woman named Adrianne Avenicci. I make small talk with her and she believes I’m the perfect man to deliver a sword for the Jarl for her. She’s made a greatsword for Jarl Balgruuf and would like me to take it to her father who is the Jarl’s steward. I happily oblige. But first I decide to finally get these ores smelted! I take my time smelting my iron ore, breathing in the divine fumes from the smelter and gazing at the red-hot, smouldering coals. I smelt a total of 20 iron ores into ingots, then head up to Dragonsreach (which is the Jarl’s ‘palace’ of sorts) to deliver the sword.

DragonsreachInside DragonsreachI make my way to Dragonsreach, and boy is this a palace! It is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside! Maybe I’ll be living in a palace like this by the end of my adventures. I make my way up towards where the Jarl and his steward are hanging out, when a dunmer named Irileth approaches me with her weapon drawn! She looks quite scary and quite evil, but when I drop my “I know what happened at Helgen” line, she lets me straight through. The Jarl wants to speak with me immediately, and how he does not manage to see the whopping ginormous sword stuffed in my pack that is addressed as a present to him astounds me, but I engage him in conversation! He asks me what I know, and I tell him what I have heard about Helgen, that the Imperials were about to murder Ulfric Stormcloack when a dragon attacked! The Jarl, his steward and Irileth have a petty little argument which ends in him sending troops to Riverwood and giving me some leather armour as a reward for my initiative. I graciously accept it with the most noble intentions of selling it for a profit later on. But I’m not finished here, apparently! Balgruuf takes me to see his court wizard, Farengar Secret-Fire who wants me to journey to a place called Bleak Falls Barrow in search of a map of ancient Dragon Burial Sites. I really don’t think I’m up to this, but I happily oblige. It’s not too far south, anyway. I consult my map and estimate that it will take me about a day to get there, it’ll probably take me a full day to explore the barrow and then a day to return. I’ll head out tomorrow.

I take a look around Farengar’s little room, and I find a weapon enchanter! My, oh my! Maybe I can make a living as a blacksmith/enchanter! I can forge mighty weapons at the blacksmith’s back down in the Plains District, then come up here to Dragonsreach and enchant them at Farengar’s enchanter! I’m going to be rich!

Tanning RackI take my leave of Farengar and hand the sword for Balgruuf to Proventus, his steward. He hands me 20 gold for my reward. I accept his petty offering and head back down to Adrianne’s forge. By now it is about 5pm. I use the tanning rack to make lots of leather from all the hides I’ve torn off of animals I’ve hunted. I turn some of these into leather strips and turn to the mighty forge. I spend a little over an hour at the forge for the evening, I forge a full set of leather armour and a full set of iron armour. It is not long after 7pm when I head inside Adrianne’s shop, Warmaiden’s. Upon entry, Adrianne says something about her liking me a lot and she hands me a bottle of ale! She would be a very probable marriage prospect right now, if not for the fact that she’s already married. Alas, I sell my newly forged materials to Ulfberth for a total of about 200 gold. It’s not much, but it’s a profit. I head over to the Bannered Mare.

Do I need to beat you up again?Mikael seems to want to show off every talent he has this evening. He beats his drum for about 20 seconds, then strums his lute, then blows his flute, then his lute again, and then his drum. It really is quite irritating, even more than usual. I take a seat at Hulda’s bench and munch on some baked potatoes and an apple and guzzle down some ale to finish my evening meal. Looking at all the raw food in my inventory, I realise it’s time for some cooking. I buy a couple of salt piles from Hulda and head into the kitchen to cook up some venison. I now have two tasty morsels of venison meat just waiting for me! They’ll be good for my trip to Bleak Falls Barrow tomorrow. I pay Hulda for my room and head up for a sleep. In the morning I’ll begin the trek to Bleak Falls Barrow!


2 responses

  1. Nacho

    Are you going to follow the whole storyline? It would still be quite cool, as long as you add your own personal touch, hehe

    February 13, 2012 at 10:41 am

    • I will attempt to follow the whole story! It will be difficult, but I am prepared for the challenge.

      February 13, 2012 at 6:17 pm

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