Traversing the lands of Skyrim, just like any old Nord.

Day Ten Cont’d: Boziik in Bleak Falls

Discovering Bleak Falls BarrowI continue on from the bandit-ridden tower after my fantastic display of bandit-ownage in the previous entry and arrive at Bleak Falls Barrow. As I’m climbing some stairs to reach the entrance I spot some more bandits hanging out at the top. I drop into crouch mode! They know that I’m here, but thankfully they don’t know where I am, even though I’m climbing right up the center of a wide, open staircase. My sneak skill increases by a point and soon enough they notice me and it’s into battle!

I’m getting better at this bandit thing. These guys seem pathetic compared to me. I don’t even have to try that hard! The first one drops like a fly. Then the second. Then the third. I’m barely even damaged. Someone needs to invest some time and some gold into training these bandits on how to be proper bandits. It was like fighting blind mudcrabs with their hands tied behind their back. Quite simple. I carry on up to the entrance of the Barrow, and I realise how grand this place is! I look up and I have to strain my neck to see the top. Boziik looks like an ant compared to the entrance. I open the giant door and enter Bleak Falls Barrow.

In the first area I spot two bandits talking about some stuff up ahead. I drop to a sneak and notice some skeevers and a dead bandit nearby. Being the seasoned scavenger that I am I tear off the Skeever tails for alchemy purposes and scavenge some gold and a lockpick off the dead guy. As I get closer to the two bandits up ahead I overhear them talking about some golden claw. It’s apparently a stolen item or something! This starts a quest and I think I should make it my goal to retrieve this stolen item. I now have two quests to complete in Bleak Falls Barrow, so I guess this is what they call ‘killing two stones with one bird’, right? I sneak up behind the bandits, and thankfully manage to remain unseen! How this was possible I do not know, but I land a critical ‘sneak’ hit on one bandit, almost instantly sending her to the ground! I get into a short beef with the other guy which doesn’t last long. These bandits are not Boziik material! I need something stronger! Like Dragons! I loot their camp and their bodies. I find a chest with a lock on it. I manage to pick the lock successfully and score some gold, a health potion and a strength potion! It increases my carrying capacity by 20 for 300 seconds. That could certainly come in handy later on. Their bedrolls are left on the ground, and the evening approaches, so I’ll probably backtrack to here later on tonight for sleep.

Bandits up ahead!Eery creeping.I carry on through the tunnels. I’m freaking out because of the eery noises and the roots all over the floor and the dead skeevers everywhere. I sneak the whole way in the fear that a pack of savage zombies will jump out from every corner and eat my brains. It’s not long before I descend some stairs and spot a big, burly dude up ahead in an open room. I see him pull a lever and witness as thousands of darts come flying from every direction and leave him lying motionless on the floor. Note to self, don’t pull that lever.

I enter the room and take a look around. I scavenge the dead bandit’s gold, as always, and then notice something. It’s a puzzle! That’s why this big fella here got owned. He didn’t complete the puzzle! There are three rotatable pillars to the left side of the room. There are two sculptures that appear to correspond to certain sculptures on the pillars above the gate door. But… if there’s two above the door and three to rotate, where’s the middle one? There appears to be the remains of the middle one above the gate, as if someone came along and simply tore it out of the wall. I take a quick look around and find it almost immediately lying on the ground next to the lever. I rotate the pillars to the corresponding sculptures and walk over to the lever. I stand there for a few minutes looking back at what I’ve done to the puzzle and think to myself, Is this right? What if it’s not? I saw what happened to that dead guy, I could end up like that if I’ve done it wrong. I finally reach out and yank the pillar forwards! I shut my eyes and brace myself, waiting for the end to come. Waiting for a thousand tiny darts to pierce my body and give me the worst acupuncture treatment in history. I wait for the end of Boziik’s Fabulous Adventure. But it doesn’t come! No! Instead, the gate opens! It pulls itself straight up! I nearly jump for joy! I did it, I did it! I’m not dead!

Click here to see an outline of how I completed the puzzle.

I nearly sprint through the gate and then remember that there’s probably a pack of savage zombies waiting for me to eat my brains on the other side so I drop back to a sneak. Thankfully there’s nothing in this room but a chest, a small soul gem and a table. Maybe I can learn the soul trap spell somewhere and start trapping souls! In the chest I find some gold and on the table a health potion and a book titled ‘Thief’. I take and read the book and it raises my pickpocket skill. It’s about 8pm now, so I decide to trek back to the second-hand bandit’s bedrolls and sleep for the evening. It’s about 9pm by the time I’ve had my dinner (a venison chop and a bottle of ale) and lay down for sleep. Hopefully nothing finds me and eats me during the night. I’ll rise early in the morning and tackle the rest of Bleak Falls Barrow.



4 responses

  1. TGHO

    Very much enjoying this!

    March 4, 2012 at 5:31 pm

  2. I really like your blog, it inspired me to write my own-

    keep up the good work

    March 5, 2012 at 4:42 pm

  3. Glad I inspired you! Yours looks cool, hope you can get it started well.

    March 5, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    • Thank you very much

      I absolutely love your blog

      March 6, 2012 at 12:43 pm

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