Traversing the lands of Skyrim, just like any old Nord.

Day Eleven: Frostbite Kong and the Dreadful Draugr

Basically, this is a play-through of the PC game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but in a non-linear fashion. I am playing the game as if I was an average Nord, kind of like an NPC (Non Player Character) being thrown into the position of the Dragonborn, and I’m acting and reacting like a normal Nord would.

Frostbite KongYesterday I began the trek to Bleak Falls Barrow and started exploring the inside. I found a bed not far from the entrance so I trekked back to the bed at the end of the day to sleep. Today I begin the next part of the quest in Bleak Falls. I’m looking for that dragon map thing and some golden claw gadget.

I rise early on day eleven and decide to have some breakfast before heading on to explore the rest of Bleak Falls Barrow. I realise the only cooked food I have left is a venison chop and a bottle of wine. I could perhaps eat some of the uncooked meat later on, my Nordic stomach could handle it, but I’m not down for the taste of raw meat. I decide I’ll have a meal later on, I’m not that hungry right now, anyway. I head on my way and in about an hour I reach the location I was at yesterday evening.

I head on down through the tunnels and it’s not long before I come across something I never expected to come across. (Actually, I have come across it before, because I’ve finished the game with another character. But when I first came across it I didn’t expect to come across it.) It’s a giant spider. That’s right. Imagine King Kong if Arvel Ownagehe were a frostbite spider. Frostbite Kong. Frostbitezilla. On steroids. This baby is huge. I take it on. I don’t waste a second. I race straight in and go nuts with my sword. The battle is fierce, I take a few potions. The battle rages for a minute or so before Frostbite Kong finally falls to the ground! Feeling accomplished, I hear a whiney voice calling out for help. I follow the source to find Arvel the Swift just hanging out in some spiderweb. I talk to him and apparently he has this Golden Claw thing in his possession and wants to give it to me. Thinking it’s a pretty sweet deal I’m like “Yeah!” and chop him out. The bastard runs off with my claw. I chase him down! The poor guy is so very slow. I get him from behind with a badass slow motion move and loot his body. I grab the claw and have a read through his journal. He says “the answer is in the palm of your hand” in regards to the puzzle I’ll obviously come across later. I keep this in mind.

I travel through the rest of the tunnels and I come across a few Draugr here and there. They’re kinda scary, they lie down in their little holes in the walls and I have no idea which ones are dead and which ones are alive. But they’re not really alive, are they? They’re all dead. But some are more dead than others. Anyway. I kill them and loot them and head on. This happens a few times before I come across something that makes me cringe. It’s one of those tunnels with the axes swinging back and forth. I have to quickly jump between each section while the axe is up in the wall. I take my time, easing my way through being very cautious as I don’t want to die like this. I reach the end and spy a chain. Being the curious little Nord I am, I pull the chain. It stops the axes from dropping. Well that would have been a help on the other side of the tunnel, thank you very much. Alas, I carry on.

Kicking Draugr Butt

I'm so good at this spell thingDuring the heat of some battles I levelled up. I boost my health to 140 and nab the first smithing perk, which means I can smith and improve steel stuff! Woohoo! I continue on the path, I travel through a murky cave, kill a few more draugr, loot a few chests and soon enough I’m into the next area, Bleak Falls Sanctum! I walk for a bit before… Oh God, not another one. It’s another of those stupid axe swingy things. I carefully make my way through and again! A chain to stop it on the other sign. Whoever designed this place really didn’t think things through. On the other side I notice a few Draugr begin to rise. I notice in the middle of this large room I’m in that there’s a big puddle of oil. Very flammable oil. Nords start with a spell that spurts fire and stuff. I decide that right now would be as good a time as any to test it out. I equip the spell in my left hand (with my sword still in my right) and blast a flame at the oil! It lights up into a beautiful furnace of arson-fueled lust! A couple of the draugr get injured in the flame. I actually don’t mind this spell thing. I use the fire to kill of the rest of the draugr. I barely even have to touch my sword it’s that good! I decide to try out this sword/spell combo for a while.

THE CORRIDOR!!!I continue on through the tunnels and I come to a corridor. It’s quite wide and quite long. At the end of this corridor is a door with what appears to be a puzzle system. I decide that before I tackle this puzzle I’m going to stop, eat and rest for an hour. I munch on my last piece of cooked food and my last drink, a bottle of wine. This will need to get me through until I can get back to Whiterun. It’s now 4pm. I check out the puzzle for a while, looking at the symbols. I can rotate three little rings on the door to three different positions. They obviously corespond with something. I try activating the door and Boziik puts the claw in the door. He tries to turn it but it doesn’t work. Then it hits me. “The answer is in the palm of your hand.” In my hand is the claw. The answer is on the claw. I pull the claw up in inventory view and sure enough, there’s three symbols on the claw corresponding with the symbols on the door. I’m so smart, right? I line them up right, put the claw in and open the door.

What’s on the other side of the door? You’ll find out in part two of day eleven! Stay tuned.


4 responses

  1. Nacho

    Ah, Finally, It had been long

    April 27, 2012 at 8:59 am

  2. Madd

    I know you’re probably busy with real life and everything; you don’t have evey second of every day to play Skyrim and blog about it, but I’m afraid you may be losing readers with periods this long between posts. It’s been over a month since your last update, and while I’ve regularly checked for new stories, I’ve been continuely disappointed. This is said simply to express my feelings, not meant to offend or criticize, or demand you update daily. Thank you for taking this into consideration, and for providing this new, interesting take on the world of Skyrim.

    May 2, 2012 at 12:31 pm

  3. JackMido

    Still waiting to find out what’s behind the door!!! And did anyone ever figure out the meaning of his name?

    December 9, 2015 at 3:22 pm

  4. BSmith

    I stumbled upon this and can’t help but wish there was more!

    February 15, 2017 at 2:44 pm

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