Traversing the lands of Skyrim, just like any old Nord.

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Day Eight: From Grotto to City

Basically, this is a play-through of the PC game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but in a non-linear fashion. I am playing the game as if I was an average Nord, kind of like an NPC (Non Player Character) being thrown into the position of the Dragonborn, and I’m acting and reacting like a normal Nord would.

Yesterday I travelled to Bloated Man’s Grotto and took on a werewolf as a favour for the Daedric Lord Hircine. It was a brutal, bloody fight, but I came out the victor upon slaying the werewolf, Sinding (I realised I have been spelling this as ‘Sindig’ up until now. Oops!). Today I’m going to head over to Whiterun and see what’s going on there.

Although Falkreath wasn’t a complete failure, I still haven’t achieved what I originally set out to achieve by travelling there. I haven’t smelted my piles of ore! I’m 90% certain that I will find a smelter and a proper blacksmith in Whiterun and so I decide that today I’ll head there! I sleep in for a bit after the craziness of last night and I try on the armour I received for killing Sinding, ‘Saviour’s Hide’. I look kinda weird, but in a scary, badass kind of way. It is, unfortunately light armour. Although it gives me 15% magic resistance and 50% poison resistance, it’s armour rating is lower than my iron armour. I value it at 2679, which is a ton of money for me, so I’ll probably sell it for a hefty sum in Whiterun. I take my leave of this dreadful grotto and press on towards Whiterun.

Leaving the Grotto (more…)