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Day Ten Cont’d: Boziik in Bleak Falls

Discovering Bleak Falls BarrowI continue on from the bandit-ridden tower after my fantastic display of bandit-ownage in the previous entry and arrive at Bleak Falls Barrow. As I’m climbing some stairs to reach the entrance I spot some more bandits hanging out at the top. I drop into crouch mode! They know that I’m here, but thankfully they don’t know where I am, even though I’m climbing right up the center of a wide, open staircase. My sneak skill increases by a point and soon enough they notice me and it’s into battle!

I’m getting better at this bandit thing. These guys seem pathetic compared to me. I don’t even have to try that hard! The first one drops like a fly. Then the second. Then the third. I’m barely even damaged. Someone needs to invest some time and some gold into training these bandits on how to be proper bandits. It was like fighting blind mudcrabs with their hands tied behind their back. Quite simple. I carry on up to the entrance of the Barrow, and I realise how grand this place is! I look up and I have to strain my neck to see the top. Boziik looks like an ant compared to the entrance. I open the giant door and enter Bleak Falls Barrow. (more…)