Traversing the lands of Skyrim, just like any old Nord.

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Day Six: Chasing Stags

Basically, this is a play-through of the PC game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but in a non-linear fashion. I am playing the game as if I was an average Nord, kind of like an NPC (Non Player Character) being thrown into the position of the Dragonborn, and I’m acting and reacting like a normal Nord would.

Yesterday marked the day of my first robbery, as I broke into Lod’s house in my underwear and stole a note for Dengeir and some gold for myself. I also aided in worsening the Jarl’s drinking problem, delivered some ashes to a priest and crafted a bucket load of potions. Successful? I think so!

Sitting at a table with Runil.I wake at 6:30 this morning. I head out of my room and sit at a table with Runil, the priest I delivered the ashes to yesterday. I make small talk with him, munch on a potato, then head over to Dengeir’s house to give him the letter. When I arrive, it appears that his door is locked, and so I sit on the bench outside and wait for an hour until he unlocks it. I head inside and hand him the note. He goes on about Lod making weapons for the imperials, then gives me 250 gold! Wow! That’s a lot of money! I could buy myself a house with this! Or maybe just a sword. (more…)